Hello, this is Patrick.

My name is Patrick van Marsbergen. I am a passionate Product Developer who loves creating new products for web and mobile use. It is my passion to tackle challenging problems, where I serve my users the best experience possible while writing as little written software as possible.

Product Owner

Two years ago I started in my role as Product Owner. As a Product Owner I am responsible for the Product Backlog. With my developers, business stakeholders and users I continuously try to manage the roadmap of the development team. I have experience in managing the roadmap of a team that is always under pressure of the business to improve and maintain multiple products and I managed to increase the team's focus and keep the stakeholders happy by delivering at the promised time.

Software Engineer

Over the last 10 years I have been working as a Software Engineer for several companies. With my background in Visual Design I am a self-trained Developer. I started with PHP development many years ago and transformed myself via several companies as a Frontend Developer into a T-shaped engineer with a passion for the product. I have been working with many techniques like PHP, Java 8+, Kotlin, Vert.x, JavaScript ES5+, Angular 1.x, React.JS, React Native, Swift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and many more. I have created many JS component libraries and many many CMS.

Companies I have worked for